Upcoming Events - North Shore Region

Below are the upcoming events of the United Music Teachers North Shore Region

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Spring Festival (Open to all performers)

Sunday 27th August 2:00pm

Berowra Heights
(Full address will be announced later)
Entry cost:$15 per student. Audience donation at door.

Please provide details of performer’s name and age, piece(s) to be played, with accurate timing.

Performers should arrive by 1.45pm.

This is a non-competitive concert but we will provide an appraisal of your student’s performance upon request.  Please provide a score for the appraiser’s benefit.

Organizer: Lorraine Samuel at ajax22@bigpond.com or phone 94562088.

Closing date: Monday 21st August. Please send in your entries to Lorraine at PO Box 43, Berowra, 2081 by this date